SixM Alert

A single screen to direct the advertising message.

Generate interest and build brand presence: information, news or promotions push. Generating opt-in basis. Direct a website / wapsite.

Opt-in/permiso, visitas en el site, product or service awareness.


SixM Offer

To build a commitment to consumers.

Refer traffic web / wap site, discount coupons, promotional offers, advertising pre or post sale. Sending information to subscribers of the brand.

Shopping online, discount coupon effectiveness, campaign effectiveness (acceptance / download) actually delivered messages.


SixM Dialog

To create a channel for dialogue and conversation between the consumer and the brand.

Intensify the dialogue and commitment with the brand, improve after-sales experience, segmentation and classification, registration to a service, loyalty campaigns, surveys.

Rate, subscriptions, renewals, database.


Step two

When the user clicks on the banner we show him a landing page where he can download the app for his phone.
If you want to make it easier for people to download your mobile app, you can begin by creating a click-to-download ad. This kind of ad allows people to download your app from the itunes store or Android market after clicking on your ad.


Step three

Finally, the user sees a landing page with a message of thanks for downloading.
And that's it! You get a new client! And remember that you pay only for results!


1Click to SMS. Step one. Activated by an SMS

Mainly for subscriptions to services.
The users first contact with your company is when he clicks on your ad.
The user is navigating on the mobile web and visiting different sites where they can find your company´s ads. The good thing is that only one ad appears on each site! One banner per site! There is no competition!


2Step two

When the user clicks on the banner we swe show them a landing page where they can learn more about terms and condittions. they subscribe with only one click that leads them to a text message sample and, as it is already written, they just have to send it. The user activates the sms and you have instantly gotten a new client.


3Step three

After sending the sms, the user instantly receives a confirmation message
And that´s it. You get a new client! And remember that you only pay for results!